Insurance & Policies


We’re Bonded & Insured

“Bonded and Insured” sound very good but is it always accurate? When hiring a person or company to clean your home, please make sure that they have the insurance policies listed below to protect you the homeowner. Often times, someone who is not fully insured will be cheaper, but you take all the responsibility in the event that something happens, like an accident, an injury, or a theft. As Murphy’s Law states, if something unfortunate can happen, it may happen. Our insurance coverage is also certified by The Seal. Please don’t hesitate to ask for our certificates of insurance.

General Liability

Our insurance is there to cover you our customer and your property. It includes “Care, Custody, and Control” and provides for a minimum liability of $1 million.

Workers Compensation

We are a W-2 employee company and all employees are insured for workers compensation. This insurance makes sure that you our customer is never at financial risk in the event an employee has an accident or is injured while cleaning your home.


Our record is spotless, but in the event that any possession or items in your household goes missing, we are bonded to ensure that you our customer is always protected and will be compensated.


Employee Policies

Before you let a cleaning person into your home, you want to make sure that they are screened and thoroughly background checked. 00Clean® spends the time and money necessary to find the best possible employees who fit the fabric of our culture and our ground rules. With the screening process outlined below, only about 1 in 100 job applicants succeed in making it onto the staff of the best cleaning companies.

Past Employment References

We do this because it helps us to learn about a person’s work ethics, attendance record, attentiveness, judgement, and pride in his or her work, amongst other things.


Driving Record

Our requirement is a clean driving record.


Criminal Record

We perform police background checks to confirm a clean record.


Drug Testing

Testing for drug use is a key part of our employee screening process. Drug use is an expensive habit and we make sure our employees are drug free.